What is this?

conn2.me (connect to me) is a simple profile bage builder with google spreadsheet in order to show your profile and other social media or web site links on a simple one page.


I was looking for a one page solution in order to show my online presence, i have checked about.me and other sites but i didn't like them for some reasons. Therefore, i have decided to build solution and then published it publicly. Now, it is beta verison.

How can i try it?

Is this free?

Yes, as of now. Because, i am using google spreadsheet as a database and google firebase as a hosting, and they are all free (yes, there are some limitations). I am not planning to request money for these free services but may be later, i should.

What is your motivation?

Not money but just building some useful things keeps me alive. I am not a professional web developer, just a hobbyist.